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Mirrored Bathroom Scottsdale

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Mirrors are always present in bathrooms. It can be considered as a staple element that serves its function. Bathroom mirrors help us examine our faces and check if we look good. While others overlook the potential of mirrors to become a statement piece in bathrooms, plenty of others have also taken advantage of the versatility they offer. In bathrooms, they are used mainly for applying makeup, shaving, or to make sure our appearance is acceptable. We have a huge selection of mirrors for your mirrored bathroom Scottsdale needs. Aside from that, homeowners can take advantage of the mirror’s characteristics to enhance their plain bathrooms. Check out some guidelines in designing the perfect mirror for your bathroom.

Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Mirrors match with everything. The only thing to keep in mind is keeping too many mirrors and cluttering the whole bathroom. Mirrors come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate a huge variety of bathroom designs. Our favorites include stone accent walls, white textured walls, reclaimed wood accent walls, and marble walls. There is also an option to customize using your own bathroom mirror ideas. We have hundreds of designs available. Rest assured, there are plenty of mirrors that match the style you want to achieve.

Check the measurements of your mirrors.  Large mirrors in very small spaces can take all the attention from other fixtures of the bathroom.  They should be proportionate to the size of your bathroom vanity. The mirror should be the right size. The mirror should be the right size.  For small mirrors, we advise you to get a couple of pieces and place them close to each other. If they are too small, they will not catch much attention. Arrange these according to your desired style of bathroom vanity mirrors. 

Round mirrors add soft touches to your bathroom. Choose the right mirror shape, These look great on walls made of tiles and plain colored walls. To enhance the length of the room, a large or long single mirror can work wonders.  Elongated mirrors feature the length of the space. Tall mirrors highlight the ceiling height. The length of the mirror creates the illusion of a bigger and longer space. If you have a small bathroom, you can use thin mirrors that extend high. The ideal size would not exceed the size of the bathroom vanity.  Other asymmetrical shapes add personality to the bathroom. It takes away the flatness of the walls and adds emphasis to the irregular shape.

You can attach a mirror to a cabinet over the vanity and use that to hide valuable things. The corner of the room is often unused space. Corner mirrors serve as style as well as functional features. What is better than having mirrors that match your vanity? Mirrors on your vanity. Brighter corners create an airy and open environment. This multifunctional fitting works for both small and large bathrooms. The corner mirror and vanity conserve space and add beauty to an otherwise empty wet corner.  Mirrors should not be restricted to walls. Not many homes have corner vanities, so having one or a few in your house will definitely make good impressions. The mirrors reflecting the floor tiles will make the room feel bigger. Plus, the surface will be easier to clean and most likely be waterproof.

Mirrored Bathroom Scottsdale

Types of Bathroom Mirrors

Hanging Mirror- Round mirrors hung from a rope is not a usual sight. This style fits very well with a white tiled wall.

Double Mirrors- For bigger bathrooms with double vanity, there is no doubt you need double mirrors. Place them at the center above each sink.

Frame Single Mirrors- If you plan to hang one large mirror on a wall, the better option would be a mirror with a frame regardless of the shape.

Hang Two Symmetrical Mirrors- High-end bathroom designs are always elegant and classic. One noticeable feature is the balance and symmetry.

Make sure your bathroom mirror is secured properly. Always invest in high-quality and durable items especially since mirrors can cause injury when it breaks.  Larger mirrors can be heavy, so you need to make sure they are hanging on a stud. Aside from safety purposes, low-grade mirrors can distort images. You also want to be careful working with cracked old mirrors in case of mercury leakage. Choose the best materials for your bathroom vanity mirrors that will last years. Proper installation of new mirrors and disposal of old mirrors can be handled by professionals of Bathroom Remodel Scottsdale.

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