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Somehow homeowners found a way to showcase their house’s value through their bathroom fixtures. Just by replacing your Bathtubs and Showers Scottsdale, you are at an advantage of selling your home for a higher price in the near future. More people are coming to visit and relocate to a fast-growing city like Scottsdale. We can help you deal with the lack of space. Nothing is stopping you from having a great bathroom.

One of the best places in a home is the bathroom. A good bathroom remodeling project alone can increase the value of a property by approximately 60%. That is if you do it right. Indulge your need for the best bathroom design with bathtubs and showers. We will help you find the most suitable bathtub and shower for your long overdue bathroom makeover. So, if you want to be guaranteed this return on investment, ask the professionals.

Bathtub and Shower Combination

There was a time when almost every homeowner was a fan of multifunctional bathroom fixtures. It is more affordable since you do not need to shell out more money for furnishing a separate shower and tub space, you get to save on remodeling expenses. The first reason to choose a bath tub shower combination is to maximize space, the second one is to maximize the features you can use within one bathroom. The money you save can be used to replace other fixtures such as the bathroom vanity, cabinets, or even the toilet.

Currently, there is a dilemma between choosing bathtubs and showers. If you are living with your family and want to save on expenses without taking away the luxury of a good warm bath, the tub and shower combination is your best option. We have had homeowners ask for advice and we always approach them with a question: Why not get both in one? Get both features for one tub and shower. You might even get to invest in cost-effective water and electricity systems from the money you saved.

Aside from saving space, there is an option for a quick shower, which consumes 33% less water than baths. Adults most of the time just need a quick shower before heading to work. Tub shower combo is suitable for all ages, kids have better baths in bathtubs. Now, after considering the convenience you will gain, your next action is to measure the size of the bathroom as the basis for your bathtub’s dimensions.

  • Allot a 24-inch distance from the shower door or entryway to the nearest wall

  • Leave a 21-inch space in front of the tub

Separate Bathtub and Shower

However, if you live with elderly people or those who might have a hard time getting into the bathtub, you will need a separate shower. We advise that you opt for having both Bathtubs and Showers in the main and largest bathroom in your home as there should be enough space to move around with all the fixtures. Some people can stay for hours just relaxing in a warm bath. It is a short escape from a long and tiring day. Having a separate tub and shower is advantageous for parents who have young kids, pets, and those who have family members with mobility issues.

There are lots of options and you can start by choosing the type of bathtubs and showers Scottsdale that fit the bathroom style you want to achieve. We offer customized tubs and showers or you can choose from our pre-made options. Kids move around a lot, which means an enclosed space such as a bathtub, would be ideal so they can play during their bath time. We can help you calculate the ideal measurements but also provide you tips on making use of the available space. The same goes for washing pets, which usually is a messy ordeal. If you live with elderly people, an easily-accessible shower is more ideal.

Use this guideline to make sure your bathtub of choice does not compromise convenience

  • Corner Bathtubs- They are the ultimate space-saving solutions to small spaces. Because most of the time, homeowners do not realize they have extra space in the corners for a bathtub.

  • Drop-In Bathtubs- Can also be installed in any space in the bathroom. First, you need a deck to put this type of bathtub in. The rim sticks out more, providing a polished look after the tub is installed. The framed enclosure can have more width and act out as extra space for soap and other toiletries.

  • Alcove Bathtubs- You can just slide it into its designated space as most standard sizes can be accommodated by most bathroom styles. This is the more cost-effective and space-saving type of bathtub with an average length of 60 inches. 

  • Free Standing Bathtubs-  If you wish to change the position of your bathroom fixtures, a free-standing bathtub is your best option. This bathtub could be unattached from the wall, nothing can stop you from placing the tub at the center of the room.

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