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When you choose the right kind of bathroom vanity, you are guaranteed an attractive and functional space. Do you want to know how to choose the perfect vanity for your bathroom? It certainly is not easy but is one of the most important decisions you need to make during your bathroom remodel. This feature can affect the feel and overall look of the room. The bathroom vanity is essential because it will not only provide storage for your bathroom supplies but will also set the pattern for the new theme of your room. Our experts can help you find the best material, style, and high-quality vanities that can become a prominent feature in your bathroom.

Because of the astounding variety of sizes, shapes, styles, materials, and dimensions currently on the market, you might become confused by choosing what you want and need. We only offer the best quality materials and craftsmanship because we know that bathrooms receive a lot of moisture, water, and of course, regular use. Bathroom Remodel Scottsdale offers assistance to make your selection process less overwhelming, relaxing, and simple.  Even if you choose a low price vanity, it will not get affected by these conditions and we guarantee it will last for several years without any problem.

The bathroom layout will define the perfect dimension of vanity that will fit in the space. If you have a small bathroom, fitting a large vanity is not recommended because it will result in less utilization of space. We apply our skills and creativity to design an affordable and custom.  For a large bathroom, getting a small vanity may seem odd because it may get lost in the bathroom space, and you might lack a storage solution. We recognize that every homeowner aspires to have unique bathroom spaces that are practical and inviting, and all features blend in seamlessly with the overall theme. Trust us to make the perfect vanity for you.

Types of Vanities

Freestanding Vanities-  This type of vanity is the most common and traditional type of vanity available. Freestanding vanities are placed directly on the floor and come in either legs or a kick plate base.

Wall-Mounted Vanities- This type of vanity is also called floating vanities because they sit off the floor and are mounted directly to the wall.

Corner Vanities- This type of vanity is ideal in a small bathroom. Corner vanities save space as they do not take up valuable floor space while providing much-needed storage.

Here are several different aspects we take into account when designing custom vanities design.

  • Space - Our team of designers is all experts. To make sure the design is proportional to the available space, they will first measure and survey the whole area. For compact bathroom space, we recommend opting for a wall-hung vanity.

  • Design– Our designers focus on even the smallest details to guarantee they meet your preferences and specific requirements. The countertop material and type of sink you select will also affect the overall look of the ideal bathroom vanity Scottsdale.

  • Materials– To provide our customers value for money vanity projects, we only use the best heavy-duty and moisture-resistant materials. We strive to provide you with vanities that are gorgeous and stylish and of high-quality materials.

  • Cost- We understand the need for a quality, durable, and pleasing vanity and the need to create something that will fit into the budget. We offer competitive rates for top-notch services. If you intend to have a bathroom remodel by having a customized vanity, we can provide the solutions you need within the budget you have.

Bathroom Vanity With Sink


Undermount sinks are the most common sink type. The sinks are installed underneath the counter. And they usually come in porcelain or copper material and either in an oval or rectangular shape.     


These sinks are placed on top of the counter. They come in a wide variety of materials, colors, sizes, and shapes. Since vessel sinks add to the height of the vanity, small children may have a hard time reaching it.


Because these sinks are installed halfway into the countertop, only the top half of the sink is exposed. They are considered a combination of under mount and vessel sinks. This type can be a perfect option if you want a design statement without compromising the height.

Trough or Integral

Trough sink tops or integral sink tops can act as a countertop and sink all in one. This bathroom vanity with sinks produces a clean, seamless look. The materials to choose from are different types of stone, porcelain, and even concrete.

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