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Bathroom Flooring Scottsdale AZ - Why Use Tiles for Your Bathroom

Have you ever wondered why people prefer tiles over other flooring materials when remodeling their bathrooms? Choosing tile for bathroom floors is a classic and practical choice. They are not just great for flooring; they are also excellent for counters and even walls in the hot, bubbly bathroom atmosphere. These are especially true for all the tile options available at Bathroom Flooring Scottsdale!

When deciding whether or not tiles are a good choice for your bathroom decor, consider its characteristics below:

Bathroom Flooring Scottsdale
  • It is moisture resistant. Today's bathrooms must contend with not only dampness but also strong cleansers, commercial shampoos, and soaps. All of which can harm floors, counters, and walls. Ceramic tiles are nonporous and can resist the harshness of this kind of environment. In most areas, stone tiles can be utilized. Still, they should be protected through sealing to prevent strong chemicals from pitting or ruining the surface. If properly maintained, jumping out of this bathtub onto a tile floor will not seem like you are risking your life!

  • It is a long-lasting and durable option. When choosing tiles for the bathroom, you are also choosing a long-lasting and robust material. Tiles are a tough material that lasts a long time. They can last 75 years or more. On the other hand, stone tiles can last over 100 years if properly maintained.

  • You have countless design options. Because tiles must be cut by a stonemason, you may believe they are limited to geometric and straight-edge designs. On the other hand, the modern tile for bathroom floors has delicate curves generated with waterjet technology. With this new tool, you can make any pattern you desire and cut it perfectly every time. You can also personalize your design by including complicated curves, circles, and various stone materials.

  • It is a cost-effective option. Whether ceramic or stone, bathroom floor tiles do cost more than other building materials. The advantages of durability and moisture resistance, on the other hand, allow them to survive significantly longer and in better condition. While you pay more upfront, you pay less over time because you don't have to replace them as frequently as laminate, wood, vinyl, or other flooring material. Plus, they may make your home look like a work of art.

Bathroom Flooring Scottsdale

Whether stone or ceramic, tiles can resist a hot, foamy environment and can be cleaned up quickly. They work well with radiant heating systems because they efficiently conduct heat. They are long-lasting and do not emit volatile organic compounds into your home. Tiles last 7.5 to 10 times longer than laminates, so they are incredibly cost-effective.

With modern tiles, you are not limited to straight-edge designs. Our products at Bathroom Flooring Scottsdale are available in an array of colors and textures, allowing you to create any pattern you choose. Tiles for bathroom flooring are a clear winner for bathroom remodeling projects since they offer many advantages.

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