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Top Tips On Getting Efficient Bathroom Designs In Scottsdale AZ

Designing your bathroom can be challenging, but if you are looking for small bathroom designs, it is in another level of difficulty because you have limited space. If you are looking for some ideas on how to beautify your bathroom, this is the right article for you as we provide efficient bathroom designs in Scottsdale AZ. And to help you answer your queries quicker, here are some of the tips you can consider doing.

Bathroom Designs in Scottsdale
  • Add mirror walls. When you add mirrors across a whole wall, it can double the feel of the area. It will be more effective if you place it above a vanity or along one side of your bathroom. Using mirrors is also energy-efficient as it can reflect light, which means you can get more from your lighting fixtures, and even the natural light coming from your windows.

  • Use wall-mounted toilets. Using this type of fixture gives you more floor space and legroom, which means you can save a lot of space. But if it is not an option for you, adding shelves above your toilet tank is a great way to add storage space or as an extension for your vanity.

  • Lose the tub. This fixture eats a lot of room as it can take at least twice the floor space you have in your bathroom. If you do not mind removing it, go ahead and stick to showers. But if you need a tub for personal use or for your kids' bathing time, we suggest using a tub shower combo as it would save space.

  • Install frameless glass tub and shower panels. Using a shower curtain surely saves you space, but it also provides discomfort as it sticks to you while taking a shower, and in most cases, it is a pain to clean. Instead, replace it with a frameless glass panel as it will open up your bathroom more and make the area brighter as more light can enter your shower area. They are also easy to install and maintain, which makes them perfect for small bathrooms. You choose whether you want it fixed or hinged to swing.

  • Place your storage vertically. Storage is essential to achieve bathroom designs in Scottsdale, as it will make the room clean and organized. Instead of placing your Bathroom Cabinets Scottsdale horizontally, putting them vertically can maximize the space of your wall. Add some open shelves, too, as door panels of cabinets could eat a considerable amount of space. But do not forget the back of the door because you can use it to install your towel rack to hang your towels while taking a bath.

  • Use small sinks and floating vanities. Similar to wall-mounted toilets, wall-mounted sinks are great in saving space, plus they can visually make the floor more open. And to maximize the space, using storage is an excellent way, and using a floating vanity, a wall-mounted one, solves the issue. Find one that has a narrow washbasin to save a significant amount of space.

  • Combine dark floors with light walls. Dark bathroom walls will only make the area smaller. Use lighter shade for your walls and partner it with darker floors. This will give additional effects, making your room more spacious. If you have wood Bathroom Flooring Scottsdale, choose a paint that can suit well with it.

Bathroom Designs in Scottsdale

Complete Your Bathroom Layout

There are plenty of bathroom designs in Scottsdale, and the ones mentioned above are some of our favorite ways to style a small bathroom. You do not need to use all of them in one bathroom; you can use one idea or a combination of two or more. And to achieve the best results, let the professionals handle the services.

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